little things by Moni

Little things inspire me every day, any time.

I love those little things in life, all those little precious moments, pleasures in the present which will be beautiful memories one day. I am collecting not just pebbles, shells and beads but all those moments, they inspire me and I am trying to capture them with my camera, my paintbrush or with all the colors and materials I find and use, all the paints, glasses, beads, cords and chains.

My natural bead and fused glass jewelry are colorful, bold, a little whimsical and sometimes bohemian pieces. The endless variety of textures and colors are really fascinating me to create one-of-a-kind, unique jewelry. I love challenges, so besides beading and glass fusing I learn new jewelry making techniques as wire wrapping and silversmithing as well.

I also make fused glass home decorations: bowls, plates, candle holders, coasters which complement the color, mood and style of the  interior.

In my Etsy shop -little things by Moni I sell one-of-a-kind fused glass, metal, bead and mixed media jewelry and home decorations created in my art studio in Maple Plain, Minnesota.
These handmade “l i t t l e   t h i n g s” make unique gifts for friends, family, teachers or just yourself!

Life is good. Enjoy the little things!

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